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The worst private hospital I’ve ever been to!!!!! Don’t waste your time or money if you want to live
Hillview Hospital, Kitwe, gives the most pathetic service I’ve ever seen in a so called ‘private’ hospital (medical or other - and I wouldn’t even call it medical) This joke of a medical Centre will take tests and never give you results. You’re left wondering which charity your body fluids and faecal matter got donated to. Secondly, they love to admit you in-house and expect you to get well on an empty stomach. Their in-house services do not include providing you with food and they expect your family members to bring you that luxury - RIP to you if you’re unlucky enough to have no surviving family members; if their lazy bedside manner doesn’t kill you first, hunger will. Don’t get me going about the sorry excuse for a cafeteria on the grounds. Their menu consists of a few soggy fries or samusas which take at least an hour to prepare, by which time you most surely would have suffered death by unprofessionalism. Most of the nurses are rude and love to make illogical arguments for the sake of it; everything is the patient’s fault and never theirs, including the soggy fries.
very excellent customer service