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Best Consulting Firm
Reliable and dependable consulting services. Services provided by a youthful team of experts. The company has been operating since 2010. A go to company for quality services.
Great Value for Money
Zafrik Consulting group provides value for money services. Do not be put off by the youthful team, they provide quality services with the client in mind.They conducted sorghum value chain study for our organization "Zambia Farmer Support" and their findings and recommendations have helped us promote the growing of sorghum. If you want quality, call Zafrik.
Best in Research and Project Evaluations
Zafrik Consulting group conducted a project evaluation for my organization. The team is full of young and dynamic people with keen interest to quality. My organization also learnt of the new and modern data collection methods which i had not yet seen. We plan to work with them in all future project evaluations.
If you want the best, then go Zafrik!
Zambia's No.1 Consulting Firm
In 2016, Zafrik Consulting Group conducted a market research prior to opening my logistics and supply company "Zonono Logistics". In the market research report it was recommended that I run a logistics company which will be a hybrid of logistics and supply of goods. I used their advice and my company had 10 major clients in just 1 year currently, we supply to major organizations, companies and individuals in Zambia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Namibia. I without reservations recommend Zafrik Consulting Group. If you want the best deal with ZCG.
Yes You're right, they are a great consulting firm to work with. Their market analysis techniques are modern. This could be the reason for most companies contracting them to do research and project evaluations.
Highly professional and dedicated to quality
In 2013 Zafrik Consulting Group conducted a market research prior to the establishment of my company. There findings and recommendations helped me decide to open a web hosting company in Zambia. Through their advice Hosting Python Ltd is now the number 1 web hosting firm in Zambia and Southern Africa. I recommend ZCG for any consultancy services.