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I had a medical abortion of 4 weeks pregnant of which it's almost 2weeks but still experiencing some heavy cramps lower the abdomen and heavy bleeding,and I took an ultrasound at your pharmacy,but it showed some remaining tissuesof which it's an incomplete abortion in short.what should I do?
How much are the pills
I had a medical abortion in February this year then after three months I started having abnormal discharge from the vigina, heavy bleeding, bleeding after sex and pelvic pain.does it mean that there's fatal remains in my uterus?if there's then how much is dilation?
Do you have hepatitis B vaccines in stock?
How much one dose?
How much do you charge for consultation?
How much do you charge to get seen there
Do u guys have HemClear
After having a medical abortion in may last year i went trough D And C and was advised to use a contraciptive till am fine again,foolishly i used depo.and from june till today ive never used it again but to my surprise am not able to concieve again. what should i do ? Can you help me or i still need to wait ? Am lossing my mind now Dr.please help

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