Best Schools in Kasama, Zambia

Looking for Best Schools in Kasama, Zambia? Find the list of Best Schools in Kasama, Zambia on our business directory. Best Schools near me.
Looking for Best Schools in Kasama, Zambia? Find the list of Best Schools in Kasama, Zambia on our business directory. Best Schools near me.
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St Theresa Girls Secondary School Chilubula Mission

Chilubula Mission, P.O. box 410275, Kasama
ST. THERESE GIRLS' SECONDARY SCHOOL A Gilrs' school managed by the Sisters of the child Jesus

Soft Katongo

Box 410352, northern Province, Kasama

Henry Kapata

P.O.Box 410120, Northern Province, Kasama
Henry Kapata Primary School is a public primary school, this institution is public owned. Located in Kasama (Northern-ZM), this institution is classified as an urban education institution.

Baselio Moseni

Box 410070, nothern Province, Kasama


Box 410341, northern Province, Kasama


P.o. Box 470094, nothern Province, Kasama

Chiba Basic

Box 410200, northern Province, Kasama

Chifwani Basic

Box 410022, northern Province, Kasama

Chileshe Chipela Bas

Box 410360, northern Province, Kasama


Box 410545, northern Province, Kasama


Box 410258, northern Province, Kasama


Box 410074, northern Province, Kasama

Chilekwa Mwamba

Box 410131, northern Province, Kasama


Box 410203, northern Province, Kasama

Chitambi M. Basic

Co D.e.o Box 410074, northern Province, Kasama

Chitaba M. Basic

Pa Fitaba, nothern Province, Kasama

Itamina M. Basic

Box 410271, northern Province, Kasama


Box 410269, northern Province, Kasama


Box 410249, nothern Province, Kasama
62 companies
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Schools in Zambia are an important part of the country's education system, providing access to quality education and the opportunity to reach their full potential. The majority of Zambian schools are part of the government-run public school system, which is free for all students. These schools provide primary and secondary education, and in some cases, vocational and tertiary education.

The standard of education varies across schools in Zambia, with some schools having better infrastructure, access to resources and more qualified staff than others. Schools in rural areas often lack basic resources such as textbooks, desks and chairs, and also have larger class sizes than those in urban areas.

In order to improve the quality of education in Zambia, the government has implemented a number of initiatives, such as the Universal Basic Education (UBE) program, which trains teachers and provides resources to disadvantaged schools. The government also provides free primary school education for all children aged 7-16.

In addition to the public school system, there are a number of private, faith-based, and international schools in Zambia, which offer higher standards of education for a fee. These schools are usually located in the major cities, and are often attended by those who can afford the tuition fees.

Overall, schools in Zambia provide access to quality education and the opportunity for young people to reach their full potential, regardless of their background or socio-economic status.