Review Poor packaging is Letting you Down!

Review of Parmalat Zambia Ltd
Poor packaging is Letting you Down!
I have been using Parmalat long-life milk for many years and have always found it of a very high standard. However, this year I have noticed a distinct deterioration in the packaging of your product. As a previous reviewer wrote, not only does the pouring mechanism leak, but at times it seems the seal/fold at the bottom is also not working properly. When you start to pour it out, it makes a terrible mess and not to mention a waste of good milk all over my kitchen floor! Please have a look at the packaging machinery. Your packaging is letting your good product down, Parmalat!
Reply by Wis dela Cruz
20 Jun, 2020
I thought i was the only one who observed this and i used to wonder whether i just dont know how to pour milk in my cup,nevertheless products are at par.

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