Review Dangerous driving reg AlP9893 parmalat

Review of Parmalat Zambia Ltd
Dangerous driving reg AlP9893 parmalat
I am not sure of my previous review went through so here it is again -
I was returning from Kariba with my family last week Friday. We were driving on the kafue road, our speed was 90kms. We had a parmalat truck on our left. The truck started turning into our lane, I beeped my horn but he kept on coming and we nearly hit the concrete barrier on our right. I suspected the driver must have been drunk to make such a bad decision whilst driving. He was carrying two other people in the cab with him. We then by chance were going the same direction. We reached the train tracks by Lilayi and there was a train crossing. I thought he may have come to apologise but he didn't. So, I went to his window and took a photo of him. He was initially very aggressive and tried to grab my phone.
I have been buying parmalat products for many years. It was a great shame that one of the embassadors to your company would nearly kill is then be so rude.

All the best,

Reply by Mungule wa mungule
8 Sep, 2019
There is a danger in one-sided stories. Your story does not sound very right boss, sorry!!

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