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Life has its way of constantly reminding us of all our flaws and imperfections, irregardless of who we are. Many times when this happens, we don’t know how to behave or react, sometimes we mourn and soak in tears, sometimes we pretend to be okay, other times we feel useless and other times we feel like giving up entirely. Consequently, this is the case because we have not learnt to accept and publicly embrace our uniqueness as individuals.

As a way to get more people to embrace their unique abilities and qualities, we came up with this design. Having witnessed and observed the pain, trauma and destruction that personal insecurities and short comings cause, we are convinced that the message that this design bares will help save, reform and encourage more lives.

And in the interest of this, by you proudly buying for yourself and/or for someone you care about, we proudly consider you a key player in this mission and as such we hope you get to witness positive change and improvement all around you.

You are very special and there is none other like you, you need to know this and the whole world needs to know it too.

Embrace your Uniqueness…

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