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13 January, 2021
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Programme Manager (operations)

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Our Client is a facility programme that provides high-quality independent technical advice and assistance to Zambian government bodies and private sector organisations engaged in projects /programmes that help harness the potential of Zambia to act as drivers for economic growth and job creation. Re

Programme Management
•Maintain and continuously improve programme management tools.
•Oversee the efficient management and monitoring of financial resources, including the overall budget.
•Implement and monitor the programme’s value for money strategy by tracking programme activities and conducting business analytics.
•Lead on the capture of lessons identified throughout the programme operations, in order to improve future performance.
•Maintain clear communication with the Programme Director and Head of Delivery on all operational aspects of the programme.
•Liaise with the Donor on programme financial and technical reporting or other programme management requests.
•Contribute to regular meetings with the Head of Delivery and Project Delivery Managers.
•Contribute to bi-weekly management meetings with the Programme Director, Head of Delivery and Team Leader.
•Participate in Monthly Component Lead Meetings (observing from an operations perspective).
•Ensure compliance with operating procedures and policies (e.g. financial, safeguarding, security) by working closely with Cowater UK and HQ staff and being the in-country International corporate representative. Logistics and Administration:
•Manage and build the capacity of a small team of staff in finance, operations, logistics and administration.•Lead the day-to-day operations (including team whereabouts, office suppliers, meeting management, travel arrangements etc.) for the Lusaka office. •Oversee all programme-level operations, administration, and logistics, including travel arrangements, IT communications, duty of care, and meeting planning, etc.
Recruitment and Procurement:
• Consultants:
oOversee the inputs of the Operations Officer and PMU Project Officer in the TA Consultant processes, including posting adverts; managing consultant database; consultant file management.
oOversee the Operations Offer in the onboarding process for new TA Consultants: timesheets/invoicing, file management on Box and Teams, and relevant policies (e.g. Expense Policy).
• Suppliers:
oOversee the inputs of the Operations Officer and PMU Project Officer in TA Supplier Procurement processes, including posting adverts; managing contract database; consultant file management.
oBeing the “Contract Manager” role where the size and complexity of a Project Supplier Procurement process warrants (otherwise the Project Delivery Manager will be the Contract Manager).
oOversee the PMU Project Officer in the procurement processes for Vendors; including signing off on vendor evaluations; and negotiating renewals of vendor contracts, where appropriate.
•For all recruitment and procurement processes, the Programme Manager will be responsible for oversight of due diligence processes and file management to ensure protection of privacy of individuals and entities.
Programme Finance:
•Oversee the Senior Programme Accountant in the delivery of robust Zambia office financial operations, including invoice payments, petty cash and bank reconciliations, Field Office Expense Report, bank management and payroll).
•Quality assure the inputs of the HQ Project Finance Officer.
Human Resources
•Oversee annual performance review process for all team members.
•Oversee learning and capacity development planning with staff, where appropriate.
•Conduct training on safeguarding and duty of care and other human resources policies, in accordance with our human resources policies.
•Revision of Consultant and Employee contracts (including ensuring compliance of employee Terms and Conditions per Zambian labour law).
•Oversee the review and approval of Employee timesheets.
•Work with the Programme Director to mitigate and satisfactorily resolve any HR issues.
Sub-contractor relationship management:
•Manage subcontractor relationships, contracts and invoices.
•Prepare and issue subcontractor call-down contracts.
Risk Management:
•Escalate operational/financial risks to the Head of Delivery, Project Delivery Manager(s) and Programme Director, wherever necessary.
•Ensure compliance with our Security and Risk Management policies and processes.
•Maintain open communication with HQ’s VP Risk Management for all security and duty of care matters in-country. Reporting:
•Oversee Financial Reporting to us (forecasting and invoicing) on a monthly basis to ensure timely and accurate forecasts. This will involve quality assurance of the Senior Programme Accountant and the HQ Project Finance Officer in their preparation of monthly forecasts and invoices. The Programme Manager will be responsible for responding to all queries related to finance, with inputs as required by the Finance team.
•Coordinate the team’s inputs for Quarterly Progress Report and Annual Report, including d

Key Skills
Core Competencies Required
This is a demanding and dynamic role. This requires a person with the personal skills and attributes to operate and manage a fluid and rapidly changing and growing programme that works in multiple locations. The key competencies and behaviours describe our expectation of the individual and the role they will need to play on the team:
•Team and programme management: Must be able to build cohesive and productive PMU team in order to achieve the required outputs and be an effective part of the overall programme. Must be able to work co-operatively with other individuals. Makes valued contributions to the outputs of others in order to assist own team or project to achieve the required outputs.
•Communication: Respectfully listens to others to gain a full understanding of issues; comprehends written material; presents information in a clear and concise manner orally and in writing to ensure others understand his/her ideas; appropriately adapts his

  • •Qualification at Bachelor’s degree (required), Master’s degree (desirable), in a relevant field;
  • •At least 7 years’ experience in a programme management role for donor-funded programmes (required), experience with complex FCDO and/or infrastructure programmes (desirable);
  • •A proven track record in overseeing multiple suppliers, vendors and consultants;
  • •Proven ability to effectively manage teams (required), and experience with mentoring and capacity development (desirable);
  • •Demonstrable skills in financial accountability and oversight; including preparing budgets, forecasts and tracking programme spend;
  • •Knowledge and experience of procurement process (vendors, service providers and consultants);
  • •Demonstrable skills in written and verbal communication and proven reporting writing skills to high professional standards.
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13 Apr, 2021 (85 days left)

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