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The Patriotic Front has done quiet well at national level in terms of Building the roads and other infrastructure.

The only problem we have seen in Luanshya is Greedness by one Bully and Arrogant Member Of Parliament and the Mayor. This bully MP has been Bullying the Municipal council to the extent that He has amassed for himself alot of Plots for himself and his close friends. What we are seeing is that every advertisement concerning plots he has to get a plot or three. Now if MPS will be this greedy, what will the poor people who voted for them be left with?

There is need for Auditor General to come and audit the allocation of plots in Luanshya from the time the PF took over to Ascertain the number of plots taken by each MP and the mayor. PF leaders are proving to be more Greedy than even MMD. The council always says the plots were taken by Big people but when will the poor people get their chance? Big People here mean the Bully MP and his mayor. THIS IS EXTREMELY BAD.