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Zambian music is a vibrant part of the country’s culture, with a wide range of styles, rhythms and instruments. Traditional music is based around drums, rattles and other percussion instruments, with singing and dancing being important elements. Many Zambian traditional music styles are based on the use of the thumb piano, an instrument similar to a xylophone. Contemporary Zambian music incorporates a variety of African and Western influences, including gospel, hip hop, Afrobeat, and reggae. Popular Zambian artists today include Rich Bizzy, Chef 187, Slapdee, and Krotal. Zambian music is typically upbeat, with strong beats and lots of energy. As the country's music scene grows and changes, new styles and genres are emerging, making Zambian music an exciting and ever-evolving part of the nation's culture. In conclusion, Zambian music is an eclectic mix of traditional and modern influences, creating a unique sound that is full of life, energy, and personality.