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Aluminium in Zambia is a key industry for the country, with the metal being used in a wide range of applications. The country is home to a number of aluminium smelting and rolling mills, which produce various products from the raw aluminium ore. These products are then used in the construction, automotive, and electronics industries, as well as in the manufacture of consumer goods. Aluminium is also used in the production of cans, utensils, and other everyday objects.

In Zambia, the aluminium industry is largely driven by the government, which provides incentives and assistance to foreign investors and local businesses. The government also provides support for research and development of new processes and technologies related to aluminium production. Zambia has also invested in modernizing its infrastructure and providing training to its workforce in order to keep up with global standards and stay competitive.

To meet the growing demand for aluminium in Zambia, the country has invested heavily in infrastructure, including the construction of new smelting and rolling mills. These facilities are equipped with the latest technology and are able to produce high-quality aluminium products. The country also provides a favourable business environment, with low taxes and other incentives for businesses to invest in the industry.

Overall, aluminium in Zambia is an important industry that provides jobs and economic growth to the country. It is also a key part of the country's modern infrastructure, allowing the country to keep up with global standards and stay competitive.